Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The truth about binary options trading
Many people have wrong perception about binary options trading, but personally I don’t blame them. The Gurus have taken over and misleading people to think that they can’t make money without them, with their system robot, signals, and strategies. And people get blinded by these perceptions, the Gurus make more money and you become more flat broke and frustrated.            
Let get down to the facts about binary options brokers.
How do these brokers make money?
That a good question, a good minded investor should ask before investing his hard earn money. I hope you know the answer, but I’m going to tell you anyway.
Binary Options Brokers earn from the interest accrued in the funds deposited in their banks. Some offer to manage accounts with fees while others act as bank covering traders’ positions. Some even earn on a combination of all of the above. Believe me they don’t want you to lose your hard earn money because if you lose your money with them they lose a customer, and they lose business.
But what about these misconceptions revolve around claims that binary options trading is a scam because binary options brokers profit on the losses of the traders and because of that brokers would make sure that traders would lose more money in the end?
The answer is in the missing link.
The missing link
The Gurus won’t tell you about the missing link because they are making more money from you not knowing it, after they made enough from you then they tell you binary options trading is a scam, and they lead you to something else, wow this Gurus got you by the nose they tell you the grass is greener that side but to get there pay so much and I will show you, not going to take you there no sorry I’ll show you..Enough about this people let get down to business.
Take a look at this binary options trading accounts( what's the difference?)
Group A
Minimum deposit $200
Platform walkthrough                                                                                 
Welcome Bonus

Minimum deposit $500
Professional 1 on 1 personal training session including, strategy
 Welcome Bonus

Minimum deposit $1,000
Dedicated Account Manager
strategies and coaching
 Welcome Bonus

Group B
Minimum deposit $5,000
Dedicated Account Manager

Welcome Bonus
Dedicated Senior Analyst
Same-day withdrawals  Plus in House Signal Program

Group A (The Gurus Platform)
You will find people in this group frustrated, complaining, less sleep, mourning and blaming all the brokers out there:

What is wrong with me?
                                I HAVE TRIED EVERY STRATEGY...
There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, you are missing only one thing (missing link) which every broker out there will tell you (in small print) the option prices that are listed on the Brokers website are the prices in which Brokers are willing to offer the options. The prices displayed are not the real time prices for underlying assets.  So, tell me now how do you expect to make money?
Tell you the truth, Group A was designed for people who want to test waters, get the feel of binary options trading, believing in luck, not for investors. And Gurus take advantage in this people Big Time.    
Group B (V.I.P)
This is for serious investors. For people who have found the missing link in binary options trading.
How? Let me fill you in.
1. OK now we know how Binary Options Brokers make money.
2. We know that the prices displayed are not the real time prices for underlying assets.
So what does this mean for traders?
Traders must look for account that will favour both scenarios.
What it mean for the brokers?
It means binary option brokers must make sure their customers are winning more than losing for them to make money and long term business by introducing an account that will favour traders. How options brokers do that? Let take a look @ this broker Globaltrader365 . They offer Professional account with free in house signal program to help traders make money. This signals come from their price they willing to offer which make it more reliable than the Gurus signals. And this Professional accounts holders are making more money than other accounts in Globaltrader365 The more this people make money the more the broker makes money with the interest earn in this trader’s accounts.
But that too much money for me, what can I do?
What I’m about to tell you is exactly what I have done, READ SLOWLY
FIRST: I sign up for Professional account with Globaltrader365

SECOND: then I sign up for their life time free in house trading signals, committed myself one full day to trade their signals.
Third: with 7-8 signals in my e-mail account I made $1020 profit, at the end of the day (time to pay).
But the capital was not mine, than I made withdraw of $5000 and I was left with $1020 to trade with, I can tell you from that day binary options trading made a big  different in my financial life, no more Gurus signals, and Robots, (they don't work or never works). I did my homework and, now my money is working for me. Anyway If your account is still under Group A for any broker for that matter, don't lie to yourself and think you will make a living out of it, just trade for fun.